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Unit 7 Calendula Place, 752-778 Christchurch Rd
Bournemouth, England, BH7 6DE
United Kingdom

01202 309938

A board game Cafe in Bournemouth specialising in barrista grade coffee and board games.



Our Staff

Coffee & Dice is a community we want you to be part of. Meet the team & say hi next time you visit!


Marc Kenobi, Founder

Marc's job history is varied, starting as a steward at the old Wembley stadium and venturing as far as Washington D.C. where he worked as a Business Analyst. Along the way he's been a professional gift wrapper, a Barman and a Strategic Forecaster.

He holds a degree in English (odd given how many maths related job's he's had) and has an ambition to one day finish one of the novels he's started. Games have been with him from a young age playing card games all summer with his family and the obligatory Christmas game of Monopoly.

Marc decided opening a new business wasn't enough of a life change in 2017 and so he got married a month after we opened as well.

Marc's Top 5 games:

  1. Magic the Gathering

  2. Resistance / Avalon

  3. Werewolves of Miller's Hollow

  4. Star Wars: Rebellion

  5. Mission: Red Planet

Jessica Hancock, Founder

Before starting Coffee & Dice, Jessica worked in Events Management in the charity sector. A background in hospitality, wedding planning, professional acting and marketing have all helped to build Coffee & Dice.

Jessica moved to Bournemouth in 2011 where board games and role playing games were largely responsible for helping her meet new people and making the awesome group of friends that has grown into the Coffee & Dice community. If you are in a similar place looking to meet people, come join our open gaming nights which take place every Tuesday. As a word of advice, if you play a game of The Resistance, Jessica is most definitely the spy!

Jess's Top 5 games:

  1. Werewolves of Miller's Hollow

  2. Scythe

  3. Tyrants of the Underdark

  4. Pandemic Legacy

  5. Sushi Go!


John has been local to the Bournemouth area all his life. He’s had one job prior to Coffee & Dice, which he held for just shy of 30 years, where he operated large hydraulic presses and industrial table saws. He’d known Marc and Jessica for a few years before they began their plans for Coffee & Dice, and when he asked them to consider him as their first employee, they were delighted to accept.

He’s been a board game fan all his life, and can remember when there was little other choice than Monopoly and Cluedo.

John's Top 5 games:

  1. Legendary: A Marvel Deck Building Game

  2. Lords of Waterdeep

  3. Quadropolis

  4. Star Wars: Rebellion

  5. Splendor


Rob has always called the Bournemouth area home despite moving around a lot with his previous work. Moving from place to place every few months called for a way to meet people, and this is how table top games became more than a Christmas tradition. Having now settled back in the area games are still an important part of any social gathering. 

As an outdoorsy type Rob has moved around to instruct at a variety of different Outdoor Activity Centres. As you can imagine, areas that are good for mountain biking and kayaking tend to be less good for WiFi connection, so board games are a great source of entertainment.

Rob tends to keep an eye out for the slightly more quirky games out there and although he has a Degree in Psychology he tends to enjoy the odd deception game; perhaps more than he should.

Rob's Top 5 games:

  1. New Salem 

  2. Letters from Whitechapel

  3. Colt Express 

  4. Flick 'Em Up

  5. Fuse



Jon grew up in Ringwood, and his family have always lived in the local area. He lived in Brighton for a few years as a student and then Naples, but has now returned to Dorset.

He got into tabletop games via teaching – using games like Dixit and social deduction games to teach English to foreign students. He also runs a game-based fitness class called Rabble, so it’s fair to say games of all descriptions feature pretty highly in his life. The opening of Coffee & Dice led Jon to explore more complex games, such as Clank and Pandemic Legacy (he’s working his way up to Scythe!). Jon is an avid runner & cyclist. His greatest ambition is to write a sci-fi novel, but he would settle for owning a pet crow. 

Jon’s Top 5 Games:

  1. Clank

  2. Dixit

  3. Ultimate Werewolf

  4. Paperback

  5. Spyfall



Simon was born and raised in Chessington (yes, the place with the World of Adventures). It was there he was first introduced to board games by his best friend, two games of 7 Wonders later, Simon was a bonafide board game fan.

Moving to Bournemouth with his partner Simon left his role as manager of a party shop to join Coffee & Dice.

Away from the world of board games, Simon graduated with both a Bachelors and Masters in Fine Art, and even taught the same subject at university. His artistic teaching expertise means he has a keen eye for games with fantastic artwork, and can teach games without the pressure of awarding any grades afterwards. Despite this, he still has no idea what half of the cards in Dixit are supposed to be.

Simon’s Top 5 Games:

  1. 7 Wonders

  2. Bohnanza

  3. Ticket to Ride

  4. Monikers

  5. Pandemic

Our Volunteers

We also have an amazing group of volunteers you may meet at events. These wonderful people  give up their free time to help us out and share their passion for games.



Some of Jay’s childhood memories include playing Gin Rummy with her Mum on holiday, or Backgammon with her Dad at weekends after homework was complete.  

During her 20s, Christmas invariably involved the purchase of a new, although usually ‘traditional’, board game to play with family on the day: many of these now find their home in Coffee & Dice’s ‘Family & Nostalgia’section.

Meeting Marc resulted, not just in their marriage, but in Jay being introduced to a much wider world of board games……and the issue of how to fit all his board games & her books into a bungalow.  

An Optometrist by day, and Coffee & Dice’s self-appointed ‘Game Nurse’ by evening/weekend, Jay takes delight in resurrecting damaged or incomplete games and returning them to the Games Library for your enjoyment.  She maintains that she only buys a small proportion of the delicious brownies.  

Jay’s Top 5 Games:

  1. Pandemic

  2. Battle for Hogwarts

  3. Werewolves of Miller’s Hollow

  4. The Game

  5. Dixit