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A board game Cafe in Bournemouth specialising in barrista grade coffee and board games.


One Shot Adventures

One Shot Adventures

Always wanted to try out Role Playing Games but never experienced one before? Want a quick game rather than an extended campaign? Our One Shot Adventures are perfect for those trying out the hobby for the first time or those who can't commit to a longer campaign.

Standard One Shot Adventure

Over the course of 4 hours one of our GMs will take you through a full one shot adventure. With up to five other players you'll get to enact heroic deeds and defeat vile villains as the story unfolds. If you're a new player or a little rusty with the rules don't worry as we'll make sure you get up to speed quickly and into the action.

Rookie One Shot Adventure

Rookie  One  Shot Adventures  offer  new  GMs  a  chance  to  get  some  experience  and  confidence. To  run  a  Rookie  session  we'll  offer  you  help  and  advice  and  you'll  have  access  to  our  library  of  books  and  other  supplies  but  you'll  need  to  be  prepared. You'll  need to provide  4  pre-generated  characters  for  your  game,  a  short  overview  of  your  story  with  key  moments  and  a  synopsis  we  can  share  with  potential  players. We'll review this and provide notes and suggestions to help the game run smoother and to ensure you have everything you need for a great game.

Tables  will  be  limited  to  4  players  to  keep  you  from  getting  overwhelmed  and  we'll  have  experienced  players  and  GMs  on  hand  to  help  you  if  you  run  into  any  problems.  If you’re interested contact us at

Upcoming One Shot Adventure Dates

December 2018

Sunday 16th
The Black Knight of Arabel, GMed by John Lawrie

The King of the realm has tasked his finest troubleshooters with investigating and resolving reports of a dark rider terrorising the outskirts of the city of Arabel. A Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition scenario for 3-5 players, with level 3 pre-generated characters. 

Sunday 30th
The Bard’s Estate, GMed by Marc Kenobi

Hero of the Fentrail Gap, Master Bard of Calistra, named the Songlord, Justine Langori has died, but strange things have been hapening at her estate and the local mayor would like you to investigate. A Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition scenario for 3-5 players, with level 3 pre-generated characters. 

January 2019

Sunday 13th

Wednesday 16th
Queens of Aerod, GMed by Clive Wallis

Tales have long been told and songs long sung about the Queens of Aerod. Beautiful, powerful and rich beyond measure, the Elven queens created a forest paradise that was a home to all who needed a refuge. No-one knows exactly what became of them, or how their haven fell and even the location of the forest, and their lost fortune, is now a matter of speculation.

The only thing everyone agrees on is that if you want to find them, the first full moon in Deepwinter, when what little of their power remains burns brightest is the best time to look. A loose group of adventurers with a shared history, you have been called together by a reliable source. He claims to have finally located the resting place of the Queens of Aerod. The full moon is just a tenday away....

A Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition scenario for 3-5 players

The above One Shot Adventures are available for sign up here

March 2019

Sunday 10th
Sunday 17th
Wednesday 20th

May 2019

Sunday 19th
Sunday 26th
Wednesday 29th

July 2019

Sunday 21st
Wednesday 24th
Sunday 28th

Further details of all our RPG events can be viewed on our Facebook events page or you can pop in store for more information.

Note that sign ups  for specific RPGs are only available in store and that pre-payment is required.

Unless otherwise stated all our RPG events attract our regular gaming fee per attendee.