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A board game Cafe in Bournemouth specialising in barrista grade coffee and board games.


Campaign Seasons

Campaign Seasons

Campaign seasons are a great way to experience everything a roleplaying game has to offer. Our GMs will guide you through everything from character creation to getting a handle on the rules before leading you through an ongoing adventure.

Each season we run comprises 2-3 campaigns, at least one of which will be 5th Edition Dungeons & Dragons and each campaign has a maximum of 5 players to ensure everyone gets a chance to shine. Joining a season costs £35 per player (£28 for members) and runs on the same day each week from 6.30pm to 10.30pm for 6 weeks.

Current Campaign Seasons

Campaign Season C: Sunday 4th November - Sunday 9th December 2018

GM: Marc Kenobi
System - D&D 5e
Continuing at 4th level in the land of Erdela, a fantasy setting created by the GM

Having just returned from the lost temple the adventures returned to Calistra seeking help with the information they’ve recovered and the corruption afflicting Erven to see an armarda of ships rapidly approaching the Benecian capital…

This game is fully booked

GM: Jason Hickson
System - D&D 5e
A low level adventure in a role-play heavy campaign

You are a Nighthawk. Part of an elite organisation from the moving city of Shamera. Shamera travels the multiverse, finding new planes for The Empire to conquer. You have just earned enough rank to be part of a crew on a Hawk, an airship used to map the planes Shamera visits.

Shamera has just moved to a new plane and you must explore, the empire needs information on this land. What it’s strengths and weaknesses are and it’s value. While you find this information you will see sites no Shamerian has seen before and maybe you can get a little something for yourself.

This game is fully booked

Campaign Season D: Wednesday 7th November - Wednesday 12th December 2018

GM: John Lawrie
System - D&D 5e
Continuation of 'The Hoard of the Dragon Queen'; set in the Forgotten Realms, on the renowned Sword Coast.

This game is fully booked

GM: Marc Kenobi
System - D&D 5e
1st level start set in the land of Erdela, a fantasy setting created by the GM

You and your friends have just arrived in Gladhome with the harvest from your village. You all boldly declared your intent to leave at the festival last month and despite the tearful goodbyes you’re delighted to be somewhere new with all the world at your feet. You’re awed by the sights and sounds of the city, and each of you is trying not to show it, with varying degrees of success. As you stop for refreshment at the Jolly Piglet everyone seems to be happy and jovial, but as you set aside the remains of your delicious meal and take another draw from your mug of ale, you notice the furtive looks and start to sense the distrust and worry that permeates the taproom

This game is fully booked

Details for future seasons will be made available closer to their start date.

Campaign Season E: Sunday 20th January - Sunday 24th February 2019
Campaign Season F: Wednesday 23rd January - Wednesday 27th February 2019

Campaign Season G: Sunday 31st March - Sunday 12th May (skipping Easter Sunday) 2019
Campaign Season H: Wednesday 3rd April - Wednesday 8th May 2019

Campaign Season I: Sunday 2nd June - Sunday 7th July 2019
Campaign Season J: Wednesday 5th June - Wednesday 10th July 2019

Further details of all our RPG events can be viewed on our Facebook events page or you can pop in store for more information.

Note that sign ups  for specific RPGs are only available in store and that pre-payment is required.

Unless otherwise stated all our RPG events attract our regular gaming fee per attendee.