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A board game Cafe in Bournemouth specialising in barrista grade coffee and board games.

Successes, delays and more events


Coffee & Dice, a board game cafe in Bournemouth, Dorset

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Successes, delays and more events

Marc Kenobi

October was a blur of convention weekends, for November we prepped for Kickstarter and the Christmas Fairs and then we held our breath till December 18th.  


The last few months of 2016 were full of successes for us starting with a mass of convention weekends; from WynterCon to Stabcon to two Library's game day events - it was all go. We met the usual mix of wonderful people and played some truly epic games; from Werewolf's worst seer ever in the early hours at Stabcon to the most horrifying start in Pandemic Cthulhu while demoing the game (they had three great old ones awake at the end of turn one!).

Then starting in late November we hit the Christmas Fairs; playing endless demo games of Ice Cool, Librium, Codenames and more with people who'd never seen these types of games. We made some great contacts and found a bunch of gamers we might not have met any other way, giving us the chance to spread the word about what we're doing further.

Then the big one - our Kickstarter.

We cannot express how thankful and humbled we are by the generosity of everyone who's supported us. To every single one of you; for your shares, likes and re-tweets, for passing on the campaign in person and for every penny of every pledge - our most heartfelt and awed appreciation. 

Our campaign started on 18th November and we were more than a little concerned about the timing, it being in middle of the run up to Christmas. In the first day we hit 12% of our target and we were amazed by the run on the colour deeds - wow were they popular!

Then it began to slow down, adding just a few pounds a day and our worry started to build, but at the start of December, much to our relief, it picked up again.

Facebook activity suddenly increased as supporters began to rally their friends, not just sharing or liking but adding incredibly kind words and encouraging people to pledge. Heart Radio tweeted about us and Tabletop Magazine wrote up a piece about our campaign. Jess had an interview with Bournemouth Scene and then we were asked to go on Radio Solent - what on earth was happening? 

Somewhere on the way back from that interview - a little shocked with how quickly 5 minutes of radio time had gone - we rounded out the idea of letting people sponsor tables and boy are we glad we did as this was another idea that people seemed to love.

We actually hit target a few days before the 18th, saving our nerves and finger nails, but it was still amazing to see this on the KS page:

But the success of the campaign hadn't quite finished, and we've continued to receive support since. As a result of that support three more tables will now have names on them when we open.


Buoyant with the Kickstarter and raring to go at the start of 2017 we visited the venue last week to see how things have been progressing and sadly the answer was not particularly quickly.

Unfortunately we were informed that we're not going to get the keys in February as expected and the best estimate is that the property wont be ready till the end of March. When you add in time for our refit it will most likely be the end of April or early May before we'll be ready to open.

 Not much has changed...

Not much has changed...

We realise this is a disappointment for so many of you who're eager to come and visit and we think you'll believe us when we say that we share that frustration - pushing back two months was certainly not part of our plan!

That said we're still massively excited about this venue and the plans we have for it. The custom tables are going to look amazing and the space and layout work really well. We just hope you'll bear with us - we think it will be worth the wait.

More events

The upside of this delay is that we'll be able to attend a few more events before the refit and launch, after which we're hoping to be too busy making you delicious drinks and tasty food and explaining games to ever leave the cafe! So if you can make it we'd love to play a game or have a chat at one of our upcoming events, all the details are on our events page, otherwise we'll hope to see you when we open.