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Zombie Games


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Zombie Games

Marc Kenobi

Grrr… Arrr… Braaains!

 Zombie SFX make-up

Zombie SFX make-up

Who else loves a cheesy zombie film? I love the classic Romero films, collect the Walking Dead comics and have a copy of the Zombie Survival Guide to hand… just in case. I can waste hours discussing zombie survival plans with friends, and zombie SFX makeup is my go-to Halloween costume. There are some great zombie themed games which explore the survival horror theme and make you feel like you are part of a zombie b-movie. These are some we plan to have at Coffee & Dice when we open:

Dead of Winter is a fantastically themed game. It is about a group of survivors who have managed to survive the undead and are now in a struggle to maintain resources and live beyond the harsh winter. The game has great mechanics to make you feel like you are really struggling to get by, and the Exposure Dice roll means your character can get bitten and be removed from the game at any moment. Playing with the betrayer cards (which I highly recommend) adds an interesting layer to the game in which people become the enemy as much as the zombies. It’s a fantastic game that deserves its great reputation and success. And by the way, if you ever play with Marc - he’s the betrayer. Check out TableTop's episode to see the game played here.

Last Night on Earth is one of my favourite games, as lets you feel as though you are in a zombie b-movie. It has a range of different scenarios to go through, so is hugely replayable and covers all the classic zombie movie tropes. One person acts as the zombie player, and the remaining players are the heroes. The zombie player will have an opposing win condition to the heroes, which is unique to each scenario in the game.

 Last Night on Earth

Last Night on Earth

The game gives the option of one or two players in the role of the Zombies, but our recommendation would be for there to be only one Zombie player. When we have had two people controlling the zombies, we have found there was not quite enough for both players to do. The zombies in this game feel really dangerous, as they are hard to kill and can swarm in huge numbers. Hero characters have two or three hit points, so it can often happen that you need to say goodbye to your original character and get a new one. Flying Frog Productions always make beautiful, high quality games, so look out for their other titles which we will have in store.

Lastly, Zombie Dice is a quick, fun dice game. The packaging is small enough to throw in a bag and play with friends when you are out and about. You play as a zombie on the hunt for brains, because who doesn’t want to play the bad guy from time to time? Your turn consists of rolling the dice to collect as many brains as you can without being shot at by survivors. There is a push you luck element to the game which makes you balance your will to eat brains against your desire live (or continue being undead) for another day. TableTop on Geek & Sundry have a great video if you would like learn more. Skip to 10:30 on the video to get straight to the section on Zombie Dice.

I have not mentioned 'Zombie 15',Zombicide’ or ‘Zombies!!!’ in this post - so many games, so little time! They are on our list to buy for the shop, so you will be seeing them in store when we open.

 What do you guys think of these games? Any good zombie themed games I have missed? Let me know in the comments or on Facebook so we can make sure these un-dead games shamble their way onto our shelves at Coffee & Dice.