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Unit 7 Calendula Place, 752-778 Christchurch Rd
Bournemouth, England, BH7 6DE
United Kingdom

01202 309938

A board game Cafe in Bournemouth specialising in barrista grade coffee and board games.


Coffee Survey

Coffee and Dice: Coffee Shop Survey

We're planning to open 'Coffee and Dice' a cafe selling espresso coffee, food and boardgames. We want this to become a community, not just a shop selling delicious drinks and snacks and top quality games. We’re going to provide a place for people to play games with new friends and old and take part in fun events.

We want to share our passion for gaming, but we want you to have a voice in what we do, which is why we're asking for your opinion. From start to finish we want you to be involved, so thanks for spending the time to take this survey, this one's on coffee shops but we've got some demographic questions in here too, feel free to skip any questions you don't want to answer after the first one.

This is our second survey so if you haven't filled out the first one and would like to you can find our Games Survey here.

Thanks again.

So straight off the bat, the big question - what do you think of the concept of Coffee and Dice? *
Where do you live?
What's your Gender?
What age group do you fall into?
What's your work situation?
What's your marital status?
Do you have any dependents?
Do you have transport?
Coffee Shops and You
How often do you visit a coffee shop?
When you visit a coffee shop what type do you visit?
Why do you visit that one?
What time of day do you visit?
How much do you spend in a typical visit?
What do you buy when you visit?
When you visit how long do you spend in a coffee shop?
How likely are you to visit Coffee and Dice to buy food and/or drink?
How often would you visit Coffee and Dice for food and/or drink?
If you have any other thoughts on coffee shops or anything else please let us know
We'd like to keep you updated with where we're at and make sure we get your feedback on future surveys. We lucked out this time but we'd like to make sure you hear from us next time and to do that we need some information. Just so you know we'll only ever use this to update you on things we're doing, we promise never to; give or sell your details to anyone else or use it to try and sell you someone else's stuff. If you’re okay with that please provide your name and email below, alternately you can find out what's going on via Twitter and Facebook.