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Unit 7 Calendula Place, 752-778 Christchurch Rd
Bournemouth, England, BH7 6DE
United Kingdom

01202 309938

A board game Cafe in Bournemouth specialising in barrista grade coffee and board games.


Our RPGs

Roleplaying with Coffee & Dice

New to role playing or a seasoned campaigner with many miles of dungeon explored? No matter your level, a Games Master from Coffee & Dice will guide you through terrifying epic quests and wondrous adventures ranging across amazing worlds...

One Shot Adventures

Always wanted to try out Role Playing Games but never experienced one before? Want a quick game rather than an extended campaign? Our One Shot Adventures are perfect for those trying out the hobby for the first time or those who can't commit to a longer campaign.

Over the course of 4 hours one of our GMs will take you through a full one shot adventure. With up to four other players you'll get to enact heroic deeds and defeat vile villains as the story unfolds. If you're a new player or a little rusty with the rules don't worry as we'll make sure you get up to speed quickly and into the action. 

Check out our upcoming One Shot Adventures here.

Campaign Seasons

Campaign seasons are a great way to experience everything a roleplaying game has to offer. Our GMs will guide you through everything from character creation to getting a handle on the rules before leading you through an ongoing adventure.

Each season we run comprises 2-3 campaigns, at least one of which will be 5th Edition Dungeons & Dragons and each campaign has a maximum of 5 players to ensure everyone gets a chance to shine. Joining a season costs £35 per player (£28 for members) and runs on the same day each week from 6.30pm to 10.30pm for 6 weeks.

Find out about our upcoming Campaign Seasons here.

Games Master School

Ever thought about running your own role playing game? Wondered what it takes? GM School is our attempt to share what our resident GMs have learned in their experiences as a GM and to help you get the confidence to run your own games.

Find out more about our upcoming GM School dates, listen to audio files of previous sessions and check out the resources we've gathered here.

Rookie One Shots

So  you  want  to  try  running  a  game?  Want  it  to  be  somewhere  you'll  have  support?  Don't  want  to  spend  a  fortune  on  miniatures,  books  and  dice  for  your  first  game?  Why  not  sign  up  to  run  one  of  our  Rookie  One  Shots?  Rookie  One  Shots  are  a  single  gaming  session  lasting  4  hours  and  offer  new  GMs  a  chance  to  get  some  experience  and  confidence.   

Alternately if you're a great player with a kind heart, endless patience and a desire to support new GMs running their first games, why not sign up to play in one of our upcoming Rookie One Shots?

Find details of our upcoming Rookie One Shots here.

Further details of all our RPG events can be viewed on our Facebook events page or you can pop in store for more information.

Note that sign ups  for specific RPGs are only available in store and that pre-payment is required.

Unless otherwise stated all our RPG events attract our regular gaming fee per attendee.