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A board game Cafe in Bournemouth specialising in barrista grade coffee and board games.


Campaign Seasons

Campaign Seasons

Campaign seasons are a great way to experience everything a roleplaying game has to offer. Our GMs will guide you through everything from character creation to getting a handle on the rules before leading you through an ongoing adventure.

Each season we run comprises 2-3 campaigns, at least one of which will be 5th Edition Dungeons & Dragons and each campaign has a maximum of 5 players to ensure everyone gets a chance to shine. Joining a season costs £35 per player (£28 for members) and runs on the same day each week from 6.30pm to 10.30pm for 6 weeks.

Upcoming Campaign Seasons

Campaign Season A: Sunday 2nd September - Sunday 7th October 2018

GM: David Smith
System - D&D 5e
1st Level start and yes you play as goblins. Squeaky voices not required!

A Goblins Tale. You control a small tribe of goblins living on the outskirts of the forbidden realms. Can you lead them to glory and greatness or will the human menace prove too much. Build your dungeons, raze towns to the ground and make unlikely allies as you strive to become the greatest goblin tribe that ever lived.

GM: Marc Kenobi
System - D&D 5e
1st Level start set in the Land of Erdela a fantasy setting created by the GM

Young and fresh faced, you are a group of friends from the coastal town of Millbrook. While most trade through Millbrook flows downstream to the sea, occasionally the smith, Gandrick has especially fine items he wishes to sell at the market of Holmstead, the nearest major city. After much nagging and convincing of your prowess you managed to convince him not to hire mercenaries to safeguard the shipment, but to pay you instead. Marching back along the riverside you are concerned to see smoke ahead, and as you travel closer the scale of the smoke makes you terrified; to raise that much smoke the whole town must be ablaze…

Campaign Season B: Wednesday 5th September - Wednesday 10th October 2018

GM: John Lawrie
System - D&D 5e
Continuation of 'The Hoard of the Dragon Queen'; set in the Forgotten Realms, on the renowned Sword Coast.

The "heroes", having uncovered a plot to gather a huge treasure Hoard in order to return Tiamat, the Dragon Queen, from her millennial exile are following the latest consignment of treasure to try and find out what part it plays in the summoning ritual.

Constantly hindered by the evil Cult of the Dragon, they know what they're up to, but they need to know how. 

GM: Jason Hickson
System - D&D 5e

You come around and you feel thick heavy chains around your arms and legs. Next to you are your allies from previous campaigns and you wonder how things have taken such a turn for the worst. You are escorted off a boat in a foreign land and marched up to a looming castle on the cliffs. As you crest the cliff, you look out on the plains below and you can see the undead in their hundreds, every race, every animal has been turned and marching with the same blue light in their eyes.

Your captor turns to you and announces; “You are now property of The Iron Bands, Welcome to Craland.”

Seasons A&B are available for player sign up now

Details for other seasons will be made available closer to their start date.

Campaign Season C: Sunday 4th November - Sunday 9th December 2018
Campaign Season D: Wednesday 7th November - Wednesday 12th December 2018

Campaign Season E: Sunday 20th January - Sunday 24th February 2019
Campaign Season F: Wednesday 23rd January - Wednesday 27th February 2019

Campaign Season G: Sunday 31st March - Sunday 12th May (skipping Easter Sunday) 2019
Campaign Season H: Wednesday 3rd April - Wednesday 8th May 2019

Campaign Season I: Sunday 2nd June - Sunday 7th July 2019
Campaign Season J: Wednesday 5th June - Wednesday 10th July 2019

Further details of all our RPG events can be viewed on our Facebook events page or you can pop in store for more information.

Note that sign ups  for specific RPGs are only available in store and that pre-payment is required.

Unless otherwise stated all our RPG events attract our regular gaming fee per attendee.